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Rustic Garden Sticks
Add some interest to your garden with these original Rustic Garden Sticks. Driftwood or old farm fenceposts with hand made ceramics permanently attached. Each stick has a steel post so they are ready to just push into your  garden, amongst your plants. Fabulous on their own or in a group of 3 or more.

Prices vary - from approx. $10.00 to $120.00

Made to order or some stock available. Allow 2 weeks for items made to order, or 4 to 6 weeks if ceramic not in stock.

Original artwork - similar to these photos can be made but an identical dupicate is unlikely!
No. 1 - Pohutukawa
No. 2 - Kowhai
Tui & pohu
No. 3 - Tui and Pohutukawa
Lg flowers
No. 4 - Large Flowers
Lg red flowers
No. 5 - Large Flowers

No. 6 - Koru and Spirals

No. 7 - Hearts

small daisies garden art
No. 8 - Small Daisies
small daisies garden art
No. 9 - Small Daisies
Beach Daisies Rustic Stick
No. 10 - Beach Daisies
Tui & Pohutukawa Rustic Stick
No. 11 - Tui & Pohutukawa

Set of 3 or Individual
Tui & Pohutukawa Rustic Stick
No. 12 - Tui & Pohutukawa

Kereru & Kowhai Rustic Stick
No. 13 - Kereru & Kowhai
Set of 3 or Individual

koru garden art
No. 14 - Koru

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